PASTHYPE Reaches a Zen State of Mind on ‘Tsunami 2’ Ft. Eddington Again

LA's PASTHYPE sews somber waves alongside a minimalist structure for a beauty of completion.

Known simply as ETA, the elusive connoisseur of all things music returns with PASTHYPE’s latest offering, “Tsunami 2,” featuring Eddington Again. Originally initiated as a solo project for ETA, PASTHYPE quickly evolved into a group effort taking its name from the 2017, self-titled EP. Through a revolving door of collaborators and lineups, PASTHYPE now sees a steady foundation with Cullen Griffin (guitar) and Michael Klein (keys). “Tsunami 2” reflects the disdained time that fell in between the project’s short life, while illuminating a soundscape of scattered thoughts and feelings.

The track’s drifting guitar chords immediately wrap an emotive haunt within the soft harmonizing among ETA and allswans’ backing vocals. The first lines speak to this intangible ghost and is a weightless image that hangs on for the duration of the track. Continuing to build around a very minimalist, yet potent guitar structure, “Tsunami 2” begins its first round of tantalizing, somber chills. ETA’s low and dreamy lull leads a listener through the lines — “how many lives we’ve lost / how many times we’ve changed / and your lips stay soft / and it’s a new wave” — delicately scathing tenderness. Mirroring the waves of the rise and fall of an act unable to control, the track takes a poetic and zen stance that is translated beautifully in sound. Tying the final strums, the track leaves with Eddington’s vocals as “Tsunami 2” peacefully reassures that the waves carried everything into place.

PASTHYPE’s anticipated sophomore EP, HEAVEN’S THE CEILING is set to be released late summer. They will return to Los Angeles alongside Tomemitsu at The Offbeat Bar, June 19th, for moonroom’s APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) showcase, as well as July 24th at Que Sera in Long Beach.

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