YIP YOPS Reflectively Share a Peak of Tour Through Their Photo Diary

After the well received single "She" and tour support for LA's own Lauren Ruth Ward, YIP YOPS capture their growth through minimalist images on their photo diary of Portland.

Coachella Valley entity, YIP YOPS, continue to impress this year after the release of their successful, blistering single “She,” and finishing up tour support for the captivating Lauren Ruth Ward. Since their “Head Home” debut, the band has progressed in sight in sound carving out a robust name for themselves in the alternative stream.

Lead singer and guitarist Ison Van Winkle, drummer Ross Murakami, bassist Jacob Gutierrez, and keyboardist/ vocalist Mari Brossfield, take heed of such progression and extend their creative expression through the form of a Photo Diary of Portland with GUM. “With ‘She’ and the tour representing the band moving forward, this collection of images are a simple glimpse into the lives of the people dedicating their lives to that progression,” explains Ison.

All doused in black and white, the images reveal a personal exposure of the quartet. Regardless of their young nature, YIP YOPS polished drive and demeanor takes on a new form, maturing by each photo. Moments of a playful and carefree environment balances out the intensity of their performance shots, dressing it down to a human and relatable nature. Playing on their driving single “She,” and the notion of progression tied to the single, the images redefine the persona of the track.

Peeling at the touch of Ison’s vocals rapidly flowing down a synth rock stream, “She” clings to instrumental explosions and a heavy dosage of new wave sleekness. Beneath the addictive hook — “She knows, simple minds are hard to find” — and a well crafted break, the lyrics seem to take on a new meaning of vulnerability, doubled alongside the images. Ending with Ison’s monotone lull, “I am left behind,” the track’s worry becomes a insignificant speck at the hands of YIP YOPS rising success.

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All images courtesy of YIP YOPS

Be sure to catch YIP YOPS during the Badass Bands Anniversary show, June 29th.

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