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Twin Ritual ‘Hand Through The Mist’

San Diego's Twin Ritual and their debut EP, 'Hand Through The Mist' is a throttling amount of dance and indie-rock.

San Diego hides some pretty sweet gems and peaking out on the scene are eclectic dance rock trio Twin Ritual. Laura Levenhagen (vocals/synth), Anthony Ramirez (bass) and Nathan Leutzinger (guitar) exemplify on their debut EP, Hand Through The Mist, with former drummer Lionel Hernandez on the record, and live drummer Michael Buehl. The four track offering caters to a momentous amount of heart throttling rhythms and ambitious compositions. Hand Through The Mist balances synths with indie-rock for a defining statement of the band.

Is it Paranoia” blazes as a strong opener to the band’s EP alongside Levenhagen’s sharp vocals digging into the bass lines. The track leaps from speculation and mistrust that casually melts into the band’s dominate single “Angry.” Both tracks go hand in hand and feed off each other’s uptempo delivery and sparkling synths.

The EP’s self-titled track,”Hand Through The Mist” defines the versatility of what the band is capable of  delivering. Riveting bass lines pull the track towards a hushed lull as the the energy begins to build. Breathing into the shards of guitar strings being plucked in angst, Levenhagen’s airy vocals clean up the track’s rough edges. “You Talk” quietly ends the collection and is a standout feature amongst the four tracks. It’s a little sweeter with a cooler tone of Levenhagen’s vocals, delicately skipping over the potent rhythm section, and conveying one of the best breaks on the EP. Though we are a little late to the unveiling of the EP, Twin Ritual’s debut is well crafted and sits loudly in the ‘must hear’ bin of 2018.


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