Dish Pit ‘1000 Ways to Die’

Liverpool's garage rock trio delivers a robust shot of grit on their latest offering "1000 Ways to Die."

Liverpool garage rock trio, Dish Pit, welcome listeners with abrasive and gritty sounds that easily jump-start the heart. Nora, Brianna and Jack are the saviors of Dish Pit and state that they also maintain “humility by washing dishes on the side”, which we can easily assume where their name took inspiration from. With only 3 tracks under their belt, each one more potent than the next, Dish Pit’s provoked anger therapeutically unleashes a fresh air of sounds that cling to the ears of listeners. Strung with an unearthed, youthful attitude, Dish Pit’s raw charm will comfortably progress into a polished slab of grit-rock, setting anticipation high for future releases.

Their latest offering “1000 Ways to Die” comes across as a platform of attitude that weaves through a filter of grunge and adenoidal, power vocals. Scuzzy guitar lines thrash the throaty tone while the tight percussion is enough to rile up your own blood. Cohesively smoothing out into a clean break that turns the raw form into a tangible form of sounds, the composition of Dish Pit emerges and demonstrates the trio’s keen ear.  Looping back from the break into the continuous stream of power notes, the thrusting chords prematurely ends, begging for a repeat.


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