Jaicee Rentz Playfully Explores Wonder on ‘Superzoomy Spaceships’

Jaicee Rentz premieres the disillusioned and weightless track "Superzoomy Spaceships", taken off her forthcoming EP, 'Colors.'

Hidden in a muffled reverb and echoing from a distance of tangled guitar chords, comes the latest dreamy trip from 16-year old singer/songwriter Jaicee Rentz. The San Clemente native’s vivid nature peaks on “Superzoomy Spaceships” taken from her forthcoming EP, Colors, set to be released June 22nd. Handling all instruments and tapping into a truly creative mind, Rentz playfully meshes experimental, psychedelic musings, and an indie strumming for a welcoming offering of what is yet to come this year.

“I think it would be just dandy if I could be an astronaut and float off to another world. I figured the next best thing would be to write a song about it,” explains Rentz on the track. Holding on to the whimsical wonders of youth, “Superzoomy Spaceships” plays on a multitude of ideals, reassuring to not be mislead by the track’s name. Moments of childish notions meet a polished soundscape of detachment and weightlessness embodied from space.

Rentz experimental notions have been a consistent thread, heard on the oddity “Lullaby,” yet on “Superzoomy Spaceships” there is a quaint act of growth that is heard. Rentz displays her strong personality and relentless imagination on the gentle stoop of psych, flourishing with a soft balance of adamant vocals.


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