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FLING Discovers Enlightenment on ‘Extra Special’

FLING taps into inner peace on their latest glam pop single, "Extra Special."

Bradford natives, FLING, share playful melodies bursting with glam pop on “Extra Special.” The quintet’s delivery takes their psychedelic ear, alternative blends, and quirky chimes to the throes of carefree bliss, cradling an infectious melody. Taken off their debut album, Fling or Die, set to be released next year, FLING’s current offering is a sparkling approach of self-discovery from their past work.

“It’s about that private time of solitude in between the chaos where you choose whatever it is you want to do, whether it be smoking or something else. The moment where you empty your mind from all thoughts and just experience coexisting with someone or something that gets your vibe,” explains the band. Sonically, FLING have always had that experimental “quirk” despite any rough edges, heard on “That’s Nice” or “Lookin’ Outta My Window,” yet from the first opening lines of “Extra Special” there is an immediate distinction of freedom. In the midst of communal “ooohs”, and dreamy textures, the track’s lyrical hook make’s it way — “Is it me or I am in love? / Cause it feels like I’m in heaven with you” — propelled by a clinching and and exaggerating falsetto. Slightly tropical and derived from beach tones, “Extra Special” seems to personify an audible acceptance of going with the flow.


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