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Mayflower Madame’s ‘Premonition’ EP is a Feast for Your Gothic Soul

Out last month Mayflower Madame's latest EP will have you dancing along to their "apocalyptic love songs."

Olso four-piece Mayflower Madame has a penchant for brooding, rhythmic tracks which they personally refer to as “apocalyptic love songs.” Fittingly enough, the post-punk band takes their name from the infamous Sydney Biddle Barrows, who was charged in the 1980s for running a high class prostitution ring in New York City. The band’s discography, consisting of two EPs and a full length album, ranges sonically from spacious and psychedelic to tight with punk-inspired rhythms. Released about a month ago, their most recent EP follows an eerie course into the the nightmarish realm of the subconscious.


This dastardly collection of songs will thrill lovers of all things dark and gothic. The EP begins with its title song, “Premonition,” a synth-heavy atmospheric odyssey through the darkness of the mind. Beginning with the haunting howl of air raid sirens, the song is filled out with guitar riffs reminiscent of a particularly juicy spy thriller and airy, unintelligible vocals. Slowing down the tempo is “Before I Fall,” which casts a moody veil over the established surf-goth guitar and hazy vocals. “Alma’s Sermon” kicks off with a driving percussion line and a catchy bass line that beckons the listener to “Follow me / into the grave.” Not without a little camp, “Spiders Seek” closes out the album in a flurry of spooky bass notes, conjuring up images of a moonless night, full of things that go bump. The lyrics are full of dark imagery: “I feel them crawling / Needles on my skin / I feel them crawling / Spiders seek my heart,” a vision matched by the spectral tone of the song.

Fresh off a spring US tour, Mayflower Madame is working on a new full length album set to drop later this year. Hopefully it comes in time to make it on your annual holiday playlist – that holiday being Halloween, of course. 

Check out the band’s Facebook and Bandcamp for more information, and to stream the full EP.

Rachel is a freelance boom operator and full-time music lover. When she's not holding her arms above her head for hours, she’s digging around for new music and buying ALL the concert tickets.

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