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New Noise: Our Lyrics Weigh a Ton

New tracks with weightier lyrics. Dive into our current rotation.

Hana Vu “Shallow

Self-taught singer, songwriter, producer, Hana Vu, is a 17 year old with a lot of insight. Her latest single “Shallow” is a peek of what is to come on her debut EP, How Many Times Have You Driven By, set to be released later on this month. The leading track is a driven range of post-punk with a heavy dosage of reverb intertwined within the bass and lead guitars. “Shallow” rides on a constant wave of climax, clinching at the hook where Vu’s lasting words cycle the melodious track:  “Don’t forget me, don’t forget my name / Everyday I give, and give the same.” Los Angeles, catch her 6/24 at The Hi Hat for the closing showcase of #APAHM2018 presented by moonroof and OnThreeManagement. 

Overjoy “Same

LA-based electronic ensemble, Overjoy, unveil their darker shade of ambience on their track “Same.” Coming from a variety of different background and influences, the group brings hip-hop, Latin, and a classically trained ear, courtesy of Hoff, to the spectrum of creation. Receptive, bright synths, and a steady drum beat, “Same” extracts the ideals of tedious repetition and reflective behavior with a mild house production. “We all are searching, trying to find our identities, and figure out where they fit into the grand scheme of things. To each of us, this task seems especially personalized and unlike anyone else’s plight. We are trying to translate some peace of mind to our listeners- telling them we all go through the same damn thing,” explains the band.


TADASHI first struck our ears accidentally with his track “When You’re Ready” and since then we’ve been in awe of the producer. His latest track “April” is a strong follow-up and strays away from solely relying on manipulated samples, implementing his own vocals on the track. “Like spring days in April” fill the aroma of light textures and freedom. Washed with a cool toned guitar, “April” is a fresh blend from verse to verse basking listeners in TADASHI’s prosperous line, “Livin’ life so free, won’t you join me?” as he battles inner thoughts and seeks gratitude through the sweet days of April.

Gabrielle MarlenaSorry I Ever Fucked You

Taken from Gabrielle Marlena’s latest EP, Easier Love, out today, the second single “Sorry I Ever Fucked You” is sure to leave an imprint on your heart. The raw, indie track’s comical musings narrate unrested scenes, keeping things light as a form of defense. It isn’t until the track’s hook where a sweeter melody washes the blunt lines in the form of a ballad.

BEECHWOOD “Bigot In My Bedroom”

NYC trio, BEECHWOOD, unveil their political side as a taste of what is to be expected on their recent album, Inside The Flesh Hotel, released today via Alive NaturalSound Records. Sid Simons (vocals / bass), Isa Tineo (drums/ vocals) and Gordon Lawrence (guitar/ vocals) briskly walk down a punctured pop line, caressed with crunch, whimsical notes, and an uptempo, melodic wave. Beneath the gentle structure, lyrics speak highly of their “political frustration” and distributes an almost therapeutic release. “Though we don’t consider ourselves to be a political band, it’s impossible these days to avoid the constant stream of the 24-hour bullshit media news cycle. This comes in many forms, and it is therefore a part of our everyday life – advertisements of crooked, smiling politicians, waving their arms in the air and coming at you from every direction,” explains the band.

Cover photo: TADASHI’s “April” artwork by “Nara Nigatsudô” Kawase Hasui

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