New Noise: The Feels

Post-progressive, electro-pop, and more, here's what is in current circulation.

Appleby “Lady Sunshine” Prod. Elias Abid

Chicago-based singer/songwriter, Applyby, contains the sweetest of vocals and delivery on “Lady Sunshine” it’s hard to not instantly fall in love. Stemming from a simple guitar and building percussion, “Lady Sunshine” shimmers upon the smallest details, as well as the loving intent of how a loved one makes us feel. Translating this feeling into a production and a pop-infected hook, Appleby’s dreamy textures are welcomed over and over again on this track.

New Luna “Knew Too

Manchester locals stir up alternative-rock vibes on their fresh track “Knew Too.” Somber, and post-progressive chords set the platform for a stirring case of emotions and disturbance. The track traces reminiscent values to the angst of the early 2000s, following a similar structure. Through the majority of the track, New Luna carries a pretty consistent flow until the break, where distortions and crunches are layered for a fuller sensory experience.

Saunas “Paradise

Based out of Nashville, Saunas came to life as friends Hans and Jays crossed paths again and began collaborating. Playing with a vast amount of colors, sounds, and textures, “Paradise” is a bright welcoming to what the duo can create on an electronic and new wave palate. The deadly, addicting hook that takes center stage and immediately becomes  a quirky splash of droplets that mists gentle waves of pop. Gearing up for their forthcoming, self-titled EP, produced by Jeremy clark, Saunas’ carefree demeanor is anticipated as 2018 continues.

rx Soul “Rose Lane

New to the Los Angeles music scene, rx Soul dishes a very pop, melodic track with a fresh beat. The value of this track comes from the sentiments and lyrical construction that distances itself from a usual commercial track. Focusing on time and reminiscent of different days, the blend, vocal delivery, and summery break ring for relaxing days as the seasons change. Speaking on the track, rx Soul states: “Rose Lane is the name of a street I spent quite a lot of time on growing up. In this song, I wanted to explore the very natural process of losing touch with the places, feelings, and experiences that were so familiar to a younger self, and trying to keep as many of them alive as possible.”

Plushgun “Lukewarm

Brooklyn indie collective, Plushgun, return with a soothing twang of emotions on “Lukewarm.” It crosses Country-dust with a laid back, alternative structure. Contrast of vocals throughout the track add a fuller experience and ultimately a dynamic feature of the track. Swirling around the kicker, “you say it’s lukewarm, I’m standing in fire,” the track’s visual woes are felt. Plushgun says about the release, “There is no such thing as a soul mate, there is no “perfect one,” but we accept the person that is close enough. When one half is more sure, has bought in more fully than the other, it can be hard on both. This song is about that tough place between ‘good’ and ‘good enough’ that we often struggle with in an attempt to feel whole.”


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