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Smoke Season ‘Sweetest Thing’

Smoke Season serves an addicting aroma of electro-rocksteady vibes on their newest track "Sweetest Thing."

Smoke Season has evolved over the years from a “dust bowl” aroma to a distinct soundscape of textured, electronic. Their latest single is a vital statement in their discography of fusing sounds and playing with more tangible percussions, leaning towards a Rock Steady vibe, perfect for the warmer months ahead. Regardless of new territories Smoke Season swims towards, the Los Angeles duo holds onto their cut of indie-electro and redefines eccentric identities on “Sweetest Thing.”

“’Sweetest Thing’ is a song about a moment of magnetism towards someone you have just met.  When we were writing the song, we had the line ‘you are the sweetest thing that I have ever seen up close‘ swirling around in our heads for a couple of days before we decided it needed its own song,” explains the duo. Not to disappoint, the creamy delivery of attraction is a deadly bite on the hook of the track. Gabby Wortman and Jason Rosen’s harmonizing softens the blow for an upbeat, sweet disposition. “We intentionally wanted this song to be extremely layered to express the heaviness of lust and blended a variety of styles to achieve that. Jason brought reggae infusions into his guitar lines, Gabby created custom pads patches on her DSI Prophet 6 synth and we used dueling lead vocals to express this theme musically.  This song is a great introduction to the creative direction of our upcoming album as it highlights both our electro-rocksteady vibes and sensual themes.”

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