JEAN DAWSON ‘Bull Fighter’

Los Angeles, experiemental hip-hop artist, Jean Dawson, previews what is to come on his debut album this summer.

Teetering between different cultures, Jean Dawson’s influences comes from his Mexican and African American identity that cultivated the sound we hear today. The Los Angeles experimental artist goes heavily into the indie stream and tantilizes various genres for a slick delivery. Produced by Lecx Stacy, Dawson’s “Bull Fighter” is a bridging of influences, and culture time stamps that cooly evolve into a reflective sound of escape.

Stacy’s production takes a page from a lo-fi and indie-pop dream, which suddenly transforms with Dawson’s instruction towards a modern hip-hop appeal. Dawson’s vocals swing from lightly carrying questionable lines — “And you swear, I’m the new heroine” — to rapping causal free verses held with angst. The track develops and grows to a grander scale as we follow Dawson’s emotions through the various push and pull structure. Taking a turn towards the end, the collaboration between Dawson and Stacy is an immaculate chemical reaction. The 22-yr old artist is set to release his debut album this summer.

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