New Noise: Production Vibes

Electronic, post-wave, to the U.K.'s R&B, here's what's going on this week.

Crooked Teeth “The American Dream”

Circling around synths, a taste of blurred reality, and a brighter aggression, comes Crooked Teeth’s dismantling track “The American Dream.” A well mix of blurred genres, stylistically, the “post-wave” track, deemed by us, hails to the threads of post-aggression, glam-rock, and the new wave origins that captured the mid-70s and 80s. “Growing up in the Nineties, we were spoon fed this prophecy of a Western utopia of wealth and uniformity. This song is just a reaction to that mirage and is driven by the effect that thousands of events like Oklahoma and Columbine have had on us,” explains Rob.

Masayoshi Fujita “It’s Magical”

Japanese composer, Masayoshi Fujita, continues to bring the allusive vibraphone to the spotlight with his lead single “It’s Magicial” via Erased Tapes, from his forthcoming album Book of Life. The third installment truly plays with the imagination, as “It’s Magical” becomes an out of body experience. Pushing the envelope of what the vibraphone is capable of, Fujita’s arrangement blurs from the contemporary and classical, to truly a soundscape not yet understood. Book of Life is out July 27th, 2018.

Occlusions “City Love”

Seattle’s Occlusions explores long, summer nights, and a chilled production on their latest single “City Love.” The duo — Monica Thomas and producer Alex Gorischek — play upon each other’s influences and styles for a clean delivery. Slightly dreamy, and textured with electronic bits, “City Love” is a down tempo exploration of sounds that hits the spot. Thomas’ vocals are alluring and play with hazy chimes Gorischek dishes out.

Alba Plano “Out There” (Blue Lab Beats Remix)

London songstress, Alba Plano, carries a unique delivery in her tone and style, breaking waves towards the sensuality of jazz. Her latest blues track “Out There” gets a R&B remix by Blue Lab Beats which completely extracts Plano’s scattered vocals and polishes them with a laid back feeling. The song’s original composure is altered completely holding both versions in different realms, noting the compliments of sounds that seem to adapt to Plano’s tone. BLB’s version delivers the smoothest of beats, warmly melted with nostalgic rhythms.

Purple Ferdinand “Left to Fight”

Following up her Rain or Shine EP, Purple Ferdinand returns with her first single of the year “Left to Fight.” Taking a pop-fused delivery, “Left to Fight” and its quiet charm nestles closely to the voice within to continue fighting. Ferdinand’s light vocals wisp from verse to verse, engulfing the 3 minute track.

Bob Moses “Heaven Only Knows”

Los Angeles-based duo — Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance — return with their latest single “Heaven Only Knows.” It’s an equisite blend of industrial drumming, confined electronics and shy vocals wrapped in a sea of mystery. The track carries a vast sound from the duo’s portrayal, picking up on expansive layering that cleanly ties within the sentiments of the track. The group is set on a North American Tour this fall.

Featured Image, Purple Ferdinand

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