New Spell Capture Intangible Thoughts on ‘Of Time’

New Spell plays with contrasting elements and forces on "Of Time."

Dark and disillusioned, Leanne Kelly and Jacob Frautschi create a fragment of reality as the dark, indie-pop duo, New Spell. Hailing from San Francisco, the duo’s taste emerges of a darker shade, yet plays with contrasting elements for a sleek, renewal of sound. “Of Time” uses these crucial elements and pairs it with a deeper sentiment of the subjective force that is time. Haunting, fragile, and lingering, the latest track disguises itself as one’s subconscious, and gently finds a home with each listener.

Frautschi’s drumming and playful synths lay the foundation of a dream state, opening the track and cleverly enticing. Once Kelly’s vocals touch the waves, there’s a cold hush that stamps the track as something more. Growing within the first minute, the layers and echo of Kelly’s reassuring tone treads lightly upon a faint guitar.


Despite certain charms that could lean towards an enlightening melody, Kelly’s silver vocals paired with fragmented, lyrics, charge the track with an icy frosting : “So scared of losing time / To dream / To love / To lose / To make it real / To choose.” Heavy drumming intensifies the duality of the track and continues to grow with the unearthly sentiments. Toning the shade, Kelly’s quivering and mutable vocals skid over the playful chimes, once again balancing and ironically taming the intangible foe and friend, time.


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