Christian Alexander’s Debut Track ‘Going Thru’ Pays Homage to the Wandering Feelings of Loss

"Love goes, life goes."

So many things are not what they seem and as humans there’s moments where you just wish one would take a moment to try and understand. Christian Alexander’s debut “Going Thru” revolves around this sentiment. It’s delicate and extremely raw that peaks at the lights of what is beneath Alexander’s scrambled head. The overall production is drenched in a lo-fi and D.I.Y. musing, which at times could be a hit or miss. The U.K. artist naturally charges on the stripped track with an emotionally driven tone, welcoming him to our ears and successfully pulling off this sound.

The track’s verses are as equally raw as the track’s production that emerge from a simple guitar chord being strummed. Lightly reverbed, and muttered with samples between Alexander’s vocals, the leftover thoughts of loss seem to be a potent milestone for the track. Pieced by fragments, that spill further this disarray of lost feelings, Alexander’s yearning vocals are what drives the track. Confessing a heavy dose within 5 minutes, “Going Thru” is a timeless piece of youth that can easily be traced to us all.



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