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Naomi Greene ‘Collision’

LA-based artist, Naomi Greene, aches from a dismantled realm of reality on her latest track "Collision."

Stirring in secluded pain, Los Angeles-based artist, Naomi Greene, paints a translucent blanket of intangible feelings on her explosive track “Collision.” The Parisian-born musician takes instrumental notes from a classical arrangement intertwined with an alternative delivery. Greene’s pensive thoughts and lyrical core roars in a perfect marriage of the soundscape created by herself and assisted by Allie Stamler (violin), Tony Gennaro (vibraphone), Anthony Al Rifai (synth), Max Kutner (guitar), Max Whipple (bass), Parker Law (drums) and Beth Goodfellow (drums).

Simultaneously sealing the envelope of unrequited love, Greene rips her own words and care from the same hand that sealed it all. The track’s expansive and full demeanor engulfs a listener with its cinematic presentation, growing in passion, while contemplating each move. Greene explains, “‘Collision’ is about this feeling of illusions crashing into reality, when suddenly everything is clear and it feels like you’re in a slow motion suspension in time right before landing back into the turbulent spiral of your life. The song talks about distance and walking out of love with someone that you know isn’t good for you, all the while feeling the painful roars of your heart’s longing.”

Aside from the feeling that is carried with each word, Greene’s emotive tone is heard as the sweet caress from disconnection. Mid-range, we hear the deconstruction of her vocals quiver as the drums rile up the strength to continue. Melting the exhaustion within the strings and hushed sighs, “Collision” is an audio spectacle, extracted from a scene on repeat in one’s head.


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