Fito Páez’s Hope on ‘La Ciudad Liberada’

Fito Páez pens hope for his city on his latest track and video, "La Ciudad Liberada."

Penned from the first encounters one sees walking down a street and the hope attached, Argentina artist, Fito Páez, gathers the views from Parque Patricios and from the people who “do not have anyone” on his latest video “La Ciudad Liberada.” Páez’s songwriting throughout his mass collection of albums and songs have always aimed to reach a broad spectrum of issues — asides from the loving ballads —  whereas his latest video is no different in intent, but shines with its longing faith.

Directed by Joaquín Cambre and featuring Argentina model and actress, Eva De Dominici, the video’s blurred line of reality in current time meshes with Paez’s will for a liberated city. De Dominici is seen lost and strung out, walking the streets of the barrio with no end in sight. The contrast of black and white to shots of De Dominici to Páez crooning sharp lines — “Nacer, vivir, amar, morir, nadie entiende nada” (To be born, to live, to love, to die, no one understands anything) — puts the life of those on the street into perspective.

As guitars weep and crunch within the hook, De Dominici is transformed by the very same cardboards that housed her earlier. The blissful fantasy carries an armed De Dominici leading the way for the other “oddities” and misfits within the area. Spectacles of color are strewn across in rejoice and celebration for the city that Páez wishes for all.


Fito Páez is set to tour the USA soon, check back for details.

Stream latest album, ‘La Ciudad Liberada

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