Lucy and La Mer’s ‘Rebel Babe’ is a Technicolor Celebration of Non-Conformity

Lucy and La Mer releases anthemic pop single "Rebel Babe."

Lucy LaForge, frontwoman of LA based Lucy and La Mer, is a strong believer in the gender and sexuality spectrum. A proud activist for the LGBTQ cause, LaForge had her own coming out last year as a bisexual woman, an experience that taught her how to deal with societal pressures to conform to a specific group. Since joining the local LA music scene, LaForge has performed at some of LA’s most notable outlets, such as Echo Park Rising, Jam in the Van, and the Rose Bowl.

Lucy and La Mer’s newest single “Rebel Babe” is a sunny pop anthem meant as an open celebration of non-binary gender and sexuality. The song bounces along with pop rhythms and ultra catchy hooks destined to be replayed in your head in perpetuity. Simple lyrics espouse empowerment of all kinds: “I don’t care what the people say / I’m not thinking about them anyway / They don’t mean a single thing to me / Hey I don’t know about you, but I do what I gotta do.” Pulled from personal experience, the song is about vehemently refusing to follow societal rules and proudly displaying one’s true nature.

Complete with a rainbow lifeguard tower, the music video for “Rebel Babe” is a technicolor celebration of non-conformity, following LaForge and friends as they enjoy a sunny beach day. Dressed in their finest neon and metallics, the camera follows LaForge’s crew as they dance on the beach, lounge on a sailboat, rollerblade down the boardwalk, and speed around on a jet ski. The video culminates in a series of shots in which the dancers literally blur the line between labels like “straight/gay” and “feminine/feminist” by tearing down physical signs meant to separate the groups into false binaries. Overall the symbolism is quite clear: labels have no place here.

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