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Illsamar ‘Misunderstood’ Feat. Carl Fontaine

Illsamar's versatility on her latest track "Misunderstood" blurs a line not yet heard from the hip-hop artist.

With a hook that would rile up any listener, Los Angeles-based artist, Illsamar, follows up the somberness of “twenty twenty” with another collaboration, this time focusing on the stray from the mundane norm and outside clamor. “Misunderstood” plays on this static noise and takes a tongue-in-cheek approach, slyly playing with tone and delivery. Backed by Carl Fontaine, and produced by Rob Kelly, “Misunderstood” is yet another side of Illsamar’s versatility.

Still penned from the indie, hip-hop awareness that seeps from every track, Illsamar’s blend on “Misunderstood” heads towards modernization with a different style of production that we’ve experienced from the artist. An expansive wave opens the track as persistent keys mimic a prolonged thought: “I wish you’d understand where I’m coming from / but really you just want me to dumb it down.” Immediately by the first verse a more assertive tone is delivered from Illsamar, laying upon a hyped tempo and contained, flurry of hi hats. Fontaine sweeps in and reassures his own path amongst the sharp production. Casually and effortlessly, Fontaine sends a short and sweet verse, aiding to Illsamar’s point of view — “While they are practicing sports / I scribble words on a page” — ultimately, adding the final touches to the track.

Mixed and Mastered: Satilite Rok
Art Cover Design: Asaiah Ziv

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