BARBUDO ‘Secret Admirer’

British trio, Barbudo, returns with chimes of funk on their latest single "Secret Admirer."

British funk dabblers, BARBUDO, welcome listeners to a melodic line of groove on their latest single “Secret Admirer.” Brothers, Ben and Harry Stanworth, alongside Elliot Salter, revive qualities of a disco-studded era with a sensual, and more so polished demeanor of funk. “We were going go for Latin-infused funk vibe, like a blend of Michael Jackson and Santana” explains Ben.

Slight tropical in structure, “Secret Admirer” plays on hidden charms and secrets. Harry explains, “It’s a playful confession of secretly liking something that is deemed ‘uncool’ by most people. You might not publicly admit to liking it, but beyond judging eyes you see it for what it is. Like listening to Coldplay when you are sad….” Regardless of the nature of the track, it is beaming with an energetic charm, more joyous within the first half of the track. The hearty 5 minutes dip in and out of well-though out breaks which glisten with a strong rhythm section.

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