Rosie Carney’s ‘Bare’ Will Soothe Your Aching Heart

Rosie Carney's new single injects beauty and optimism into the topic of her mental health struggles.

Rosie Carney is a music industry veteran at the tender age of 20. Leaving school in Ireland at 13, she set out to find representation as a singer-songwriter in the US. Grappling with mental illness throughout her early career, Carney has always been open about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and anorexia, which she detailed in a short documentary for VIVUS. Her music functions as a much needed release from her own dark emotions, and it’s equally calming for those of us who are no strangers to the darkness. As she embarks on an extensive North American and European tour supporting Haux, Carney has big things planned for her future, including a debut album in the works.

Bare” is an achingly beautiful piece of music, full of exquisite melodies soaring like living entities through Carney’s haunting vocals. Detailing many years of painful mental illness and heartbreaking trauma, the song blooms throughout the verses, leading up to a cathartic climax, a shining symbol of a brighter future. Raw emotion drips like honey from the lyrics: “You keep asking / why have your angels left you on your own? / Time keeps passing / stronger the beat of your heart grows alone / as you build up your home / you can breathe on your own.” As the song flows along, time seems to stop as goosebumps pass over you in waves. With each listen, “Bare” will grow on you, a soothing balm for the tender ache of your heart.

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