TADASHI Perfects ChillHop Bliss on ‘When You’re Ready’

LA producer, TADASHI, touches on universal bliss with his latest chillhop track.

An imaginative portrayal of beauty led by a design of instrumental beats scrape up lofi, chillhop by the hand as TADASHI brings a pleasurable take to the ears on his latest track “When You’re Ready.” The Los Angeles producer’s collection aims to change the “consciousness of the world” through each release and does not disappoint on the creamy structure of sounds. Instrumental beats can be tricky at times — fear that the track won’t convey the intended mood, yet TADASHI’s delivery seems to flow freely and effortlessly

Keys cascade over a slow and subtle drum beat, while hi-hats take over a sectional core, pulling the vibes up a notch. A weightless feeling somehow is transferred through the waves of the track and the repetitious keys drown out every worry imaginable. Taking a step further into our subconscious, an Alan Watts lecture is sampled and gently placed mid-way, touching on the Universal God within and a bigger platform of wonder weaved from TADASHI.


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