Yellow Shoots’ ‘desert rose’ is Desire Personified in Funky Beats

Yellow Shoots releases "desert rose," a track from his upcoming debut LP, 'everything.'

Philadelphia born Greg Matthews took his University of the Arts degree straight to Brooklyn, immersing himself directly in the city’s electronic scene. Drawing inspiration from rock, soul, and R&B greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, and Prince, Matthews formed the project Yellow Shoots, unleashing his first EP More Alive in 2015. Combining both electronic and acoustic instruments, all performed by Matthews himself, Yellow Shoots offers a modern take on classic funk and R&B sounds. After a successful follow-up EP in 2017, Matthews is preparing for the upcoming release of his debut full-length album, everything.

Nothing but a hefty helping of pure, sexy funk, “desert rose” is ready to rock you into the sultry days of summer. Matthews’ smoky whine drips with desire as he growls “Cut me loose, feel me in your spine / Love me do, love me bonafide,” over a chorus of funky bass hits and electronic drum rhythms. The track follows the arc of obsession surrounding a new lover from first interest to total infatuation, all through rose-tinted glasses. Whether requited or not, desire can be a beautiful thing.

Rachel is a freelance boom operator and full-time music lover. When she's not holding her arms above her head for hours, she’s digging around for new music and buying ALL the concert tickets.

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