Mystery Art Orchestra Previews Their Debut Album With ‘Awake’

Leading up to the May 25th release of their debut album, Mystery Art Orchestra releases psychedelic single "Awake."

Reaching us from the underground art bunkers of Berlin are psychedelic rockers Mystery Art Orchestra. Formed by frontman and guitarist Tino Bogedaly, the group was formed after a move to the German cultural mecca in 2012. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings as well as his musical recruits, namely André Wlodarski on keyboard and Bastian Müller on drums, Bogedaly’s original vision evolved into a post-punk tribute with a hallucinogenic twang. After six years of perfecting their craft a an ensemble, the group is ready to grace our ears with their debut album Prismatic Dream, due out on May 25th on their own label, robojim.

First conceived over a year ago, “Awake” is our first taste of Mystery Art Orchestra’s upcoming debut. The track cruises along for the entirety of its three and a half minute run, full of urgent rhythmic guitar and percussion. Bogedaly’s heavily filtered voice rises in sparse and echoey swells above the ever churning backdrop, leading into a long, dramatic outro. If the drama of this track is any indication, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the album entails.

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