The Old Pink House Captures the Apathy of the Masses with ‘Jaded’

Newcastle group The Old Pink House releases "Jaded," the second single from their upcoming debut EP.

Conceived in 2016, Newcastle’s The Old Pink House has wasted no time in becoming a British electro pop powerhouse. Having let loose a deluge of catchy singles over the past year and a half, the band’s popularity has grown rapidly outside the bounds of Northern England. With their debut EP looming on the horizon and a slew of UK festivals keeping them busy over the summer, 2018 is set to be a big year for The Old Pink House. We can’t wait to see them on our side of the Atlantic.


From the band’s upcoming EP, “Jaded” comes roaring out of the stocks with heavy beats and buzzing electro bass hits. Using a symphony’s worth of synth sounds, the track is thickly textured in a way that toes the line of the ridiculous without ever stepping over. The result is an accurate sonic representation of the word “jaded” – a decidedly timely adjective in this current world of political unrest and constant news bombardment. The song’s lyrics lament, “How did I get so jaded? / Talking in circles just to keep her around,” seemingly referring to the pointless monotony that manifests in the final death throes of a relationship. The vicious cycle of apathy can be incredibly hard to break.

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