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APAHM: More Visibility

Moonroom returns with the second installment of The Asian Pacific American Heritage Month highlighting AAPI fronted bands in SoCal.

The collective known as moonroom returns for its second installment of The APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) Showcases that highlights AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) artists and AAPI-fronted bands across Southern California all throughout May. Last year’s event was initiated by moonroom’s creator, ETA, after viewing 4 “predominantly white bands” on the main stage at the Chinatown LA Lunar Fest (which the event did improve this past year).

With that misrepresentation in mind, last year’s messaging was simple: putting unfamiliar faces in familiar places. The 7 stints were co-curated by Redacted Collective and became a quiet stance of appreciation for those who are not represented. With the success of 2017’s heart, this year’s focus of more visibility aims to double the amount of shows throughout So.Cal.

So what makes this so good? Everything. With a heavy amount of showcases that seem to emerge from the OC, LA, to the SGV, each presentation is tailored for the night and provides an ample amount of talent and genres to choose from while beautifully empowering and representing APPI. Dive into the acts below and be sure to check out a show this month. GUM is honored to sponsor this event once more and celebrate APAHM.

5/6 – OnThree Management x POLARTROPICA Showcase | Moroccan Lounge
w/ Mini bear | Miss Jupiter | Zhao

5/6 – Grn+Gld Showcase | Que Sera (LB)
w/ Dirty Merlin | Echavox | Nativity | Kinky & The Nymph

5/8 – PLAG Presents Showcase | Ham & Eggs Tavern
w/ C. Kiten | Good Luck Club | Jasmine Sankaran | Xinxin

5/10 – Jett Kwong Showcase | Junior High
w/ Christopher del Rosario | Nicole Kiki Jaffe |Guest Speaker Milck

5/14 – Condina Records Showcase | Silverlake Lounge
w/ wave Groove & The Condina Family

5/17 – PLAG Presents Showcase | Lot 1
w/ Doctors & Engineers | Lions! | Smiling Beth | Surely Lorraine

5/20 – Future Legends Showcase | The Continental Room (OC)
w/ Jeserey Sanchez | Karren C | Nieman

5/23 – Koibito 恋人 Showcase | Tenants of the Trees
w/ Gingee | Kelleia | Kohinoorgasm | Stella Lee aka Dj La Flaca Lee | visuals by Stranger Liquids

5/24 – Earth is a Death Star Showcase | The Smell
w/ WASI | Chill Trigger

5/25 – Uncommon Showcase | Title TK (SD)
w/ Forest Grove | Drea & The Marilyns, Kan-Kan, Shades McCool

5/31 – Ceramiks Showcase | Bridgetown DIY
w/ All Hell Breaks Loops | bod [包家巷] | HØUNDS

6/19 – #AAPI Encore Showcase | The Offbeat Bar
w/ tomemitsu | Roger Hallaway | Paladin Shield | Pasthype

Cover photo: Miss Jupiter at Echo Park Rising, Desiree Cormier

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