LANKS Faces a Ticking Clock on ‘twentyseven’

Australian multi-instrumentalist, LANKS, explores the fear of time on the colorful electronic track and video "twentyseven."

Circling around self-inflicted thoughts of a ticking clock, LANKS lead single “twentyseven” taken from his debut album, reaches into a fleeting dream and rooted innocence of a child. The Australian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming, better known as LANKS, molds these distressed thoughts around tempestuous beats and shimmering, atmospheric synths.

Extracting the colorful production that explodes in nature and softens alongside Will’s vocals, directors Justin Carrig and Ngaire Griggs carefully paints Will’s doubt and ironically, a weightless nature of facing these imaginal fears. “Twentyseven is about the anxiety around achievement and how much pressure I had always placed on myself. My heroes — Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and others — had achieved success by the time they were 27 and I was still younger than that and had potential,” explains the artist. “This birthday had always loomed over me as a crucial deadline that I had to meet and when I finally reached it I realised that life is about much more than achievement and actually everyone achieves their dreams in their own time. I think when I reached 27 I realised it wasn’t such a big deal.”

Abstract and cinematic, the video’s balance of intimate shots alongside fictional viewings resonates deeply with LANKS creation of doom surrounding the age twenty-seven. Only once when left alone and the realization that it is simply a number, Will’s freedom is felt and shown onscreen. The track’s hook begs for a second listen as the overall production is a pristine exploration of electronic sounds.





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