Why the World Needs Superman and Lois Lane

"We need to listen as much as we talk, and after each musings note the silence or backlash from each; that’s your truth emerging."

“Shut up and play” – a statement that quietly screams the message of a line drawn over your title as of late. In a polluted world that is gasping at political changes, this isn’t new nor should be looked at as “fear.” Michelle’s Wolf commentary and backlash is equal to the men in sports who vocalized their opinion, to the many musicians who pen their own ideals. The controversy is as loud as the original message that these individuals aimed to speak.

Yet to the recent outbursts from Kanye, where is that line over his title from those who are keen to continue to draw lines? Is Kanye’s support that different when Elvis Presley made his way to see Nixon in 1970, ironically for a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs? What idol do you think isn’t human? This isn’t to choose sides. This isn’t to bash beliefs. From realistic God’s, to the atheist that believes within, and finally to those who escape through alternate universes, one thing is certain, we need these idols just as much as we need those who display their truths. And regardless of which side of the line is drawn, each should own the same pages of rights.

Photo: Porapak Apichodilok

In the DC Universe, Lois Lane is a well-known reporter of the Daily Planet whose love interest is Superman, not Clark Kent (generally). One story line that was told in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006) tells a time without a God; without the city’s Superman. A heartbroken Lane proves that no one needs Superman, it is found within, which there lies the sentiment that only Lois Lane could find through grief. A human flaw that we look outwards continuously for someone greater, immortal, and superior. Another human flaw is that we forget that our greats that we hold as Queens and Kings, are simply human and subject to the same flaws we wear. Even more so, those titles confine what you can and cannot do.

Superman’s balance was weighed through the pen of Lois Lane, whereas she grew warm in the hands of the Man of Steel – the human becoming less mechanical. It is lonely on one side, as Kent experienced many times in the DC Universe. Regardless, we don’t need a great immortal God to solve our problems, but it’s nice to aspire and be inspired by someone. We don’t need reality shoved down our throats either on a day to day basis, but it’s nice to know the truth to remove shrouds of denial. Musician, comedian, politician – all humans once these labels are removed. We need to listen as much as we talk, and after each musings note the silence or backlash from each; that’s your truth emerging. We all want our Superman but we cannot forget our Lois Lane.


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