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Meg Myers ‘Numb’

Meg Myers returns with an alternative rock single that emerges from the mundane roles of life.

Upon first listen, Meg Myers’ “Numb” starts with the bones of an adult, contemporary anthem, grazing at the threads of relaxation as the first notes on the piano are played. Yet, the Los Angeles-based artist’s past releases have proven to be full of surprises, such as  “I Really Want You To Hate Me” and her addictive pop-rock single “Lemon Eyes.” Taking a heavier direction and more enjoyable construction of sounds, “Numb” is dynamically an explosive range of alt-rock and perfected angst that we began to hear peak on her debut EP, Sorry (2015).

With a fiery break, and hoarse vocals that completely gives the track a new way of life, “Numb” is admired in this time for its versatility within composition. Myers’ sweet, sing-song portrayal on the first verses misleads into an bat of confusion, “I’m in your custody / But I’m not a criminal / I can be your next best thing,” while other parts showcase a grittier and fueled set of pipes. The added weight that bares upon her shoulders circulates within the words and are thrust against crunchy effects and heavy bass lines.


The track’s truth is spoken within the lyrics, adding fuel to the fire and explained more so by Myers: “‘Numb’ relates to the many pressures of life and our reactions to this weight. It has to do with our society, how we relate to others and how we relate to ourselves. When this burden becomes too much and we can no longer run… we essentially numb out.” As we absorb the momentum that Myers has created, we fundamentally realize that at one point in life we all have been forced to run away from our numbness or stand cold. Regardless, it’s to be noted that it doesn’t last but sure as hell makes a great song.





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