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Margot ‘Desensitised’

South London-based dream-pop quintet, Margot, debut a hazy sense of realism.

Layered upon reflective guitar chords, London dream-pop act, Margot, debut not only a hazy-fantasy but instant gratification that plays on the track’s ethics. Alex Hannaway (vocals), Ben Andrewes (drums), Albi Cleghorn (guitar), Rob Fenner (guitar) and Michael Webb (bass) intertwine the song’s lyrical context — “I step further away / Everyday a little more mechanicized” —  within the wishful thinking of wanting more that is heard and felt beneath the bright chimes and warm, guitars.

Intimately sharing the inner thoughts and feelings, the band’s D.I.Y. approach plays a role in the band’s disclosure. Simply recorded in Andrewes’ place in between working, Margot’s full control allows for a honest craft, one that is admired and received instantly on “Desensitised.” Frontman Hannaway explains, “Desensitised is about the commute to office blocks, and how its oppressive nature, from the geography to the lonely crowds, can infiltrate, misdirect and dowse appetite and ambition. Writing the song was cathartic, an act of strength and perseverance, a determination not to become desensitised.”


With emotive pulls that resonate loudly from the progressive era heard decades ago, Margot’s refinery and dreamier polish allows a fresher wave of sounds to be appreciated. Towards the end, a peak of a raw acoustic recording bleeds from the track and once again offers a sense of realism from Hannaway’s melodic vocals. Paired with lyrics that hit the core of each individual, “Desensitised” is an out of body experience that will leave your soul yearning.

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