Dan Sadin ‘The Way That It Hurts’

Los Angeles' Dan Sadin breaks from the lines of a studio musician and offers an alternative ballad on his debut "The Way That It Hurts."

It’s been stated that you can only write about what you know and for Los Angeles musician Dan Sadin, his single “The Way That It Hurts” is a roar of ache. From the throes of a romantic breakup, to a band split, Sadin’s commitments of a studio musician never allowed him to go through the motions of loss. As a result, “The Way That It Hurts” absorbs the pain and leftover questionings, ultimately pushing out a ballad of genuine healing, backed by heavy chords.

Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, out June 22nd, Sadin’s musical resume stretches from Frenship to the likes of Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware and MØ. Breaking away from the sidelines and onto the center stage, Sadin’s voice trails into a modern rock sound with soaring breaks that weave in and out of a pop coating. The repetitive and progressive strumming hails from the end of the glam era of rock, as Sadin’s musical breaks revives the modern approach of the track.


The track’s most notable line, “It ain’t easy, the way that it hurts,” are exhausted from Sadin’s emotive vocals. Heavy-hearted and written from a vulnerable stance, Sadin’s songwriting isn’t mournful but somehow offers completion. Rock undertones emerge throughout and are stopped by the track’s indie-pop’s break. With Sadin’s layered questioning (tell me what you want, what you want from me), “The Way That It Hurts” is an alternative rock anthem of pain and movement.



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