Annabel Allum Faces Self-Scrutiny on ‘RASCAL’

Annabel Allum's post-progressive track, "Rascal", gets a visual pairing from Context Films.

A one shot approach engulfs the vision of “self-scrutiny” as Annabel Allum‘s “RASCAL” gets the visual painting it deserves. Following-up the Guildford-based artist’s crass and disarming single, video production team Context Films strip Allum’s original ideals and bring a sense of awareness to the post-progressive and grunge track. Keeping it simple and viewed from a seat in a theater, Context Films’ portrayal hangs on the track’s consistent urge to please others and lack of self-worth that is beautifully penned.

Yaz Abreu is featured as the incoming dancer who never acknowledges Allum’s presence or assistance. As the blistering and emotive hook rises, Abreu matches the drive in her choreography. Always to the side, Allum’s on call nature starts to take the best of her as the video reaches the end. Once again bringing back the one shot and clever vision to the likes of a play, a viewer can truly digest the residue that was left from the outside view versus an intense close-up shot; taking in the bigger picture.

Minuscule details — such as the direction and Allum’s ending glare — reinforce the messaging of awareness. Sometimes we need to look at the whole frame instead of our choice of focus. Allum’s final stare isn’t simply a stare towards the audience, but one of reflective realization.












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