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Oddnesse Blindly Leads on the Ethereal Dark Track ‘Trust’

Sonic and lyrical clarity peak on Oddnesse's latest track "Trust."

Sensually peaking into the poetic tangles of the unknown, Oddnesse frames the dark crevices of our minds on the latest track “Trust.” Melting the musical musings between Rebecca Arango and producer Grey Goon, the project that is Oddnesse shifts into intangible ideals that consistently leaves listeners in a deep, yet serene state of contemplation after each release. Abiding by these sentiments, “Trust” hesitantly allures and continues with the duo’s signature approach of sonic and lyrical clarity.

“The first four bars are for meditation. What follows is for your imaginary pleasure. A song is a frivolous way to collect your thoughts and experiences, but the results are pretty,” explains Arango on the track. Led by a slower fade of dramatic and thick, synths, the track’s first chords embody the strength of having trust that melt against Arango’s confident vocals: “I know you’ll see it, when you believe it.”


Therapeutically crafted with only whispers of electronics and a bluer-toned, indie structure, the track’s slight darkness plays on the hinder that one may feel before embarking on something new. Subtle tempo changes keeps the feeling fresh and the subjective interpretation through a revolving door of hope. As Arango leads you towards these uncharted waters you can’t help but smile upon the pursuit of trust.

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