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The Aching Beauty of Loneliness: Georgi Kay’s ‘Lone Wolf’

Georgi Kay releases her first single of 2018, an anthemic track about finding strength in being alone.

Aussie powerhouse Georgi Kay grew up as a guitar-toting singer-songwriter. After putting down the acoustic guitar and picking up a laptop, she quickly grew into her own as a creator of electronic music, achieving milestones such as having her song “In My Mind” become the International Dance Anthem of 2013, remixed by Swedish House Mafia, Flo Rida, and more. Diversely talented, Kay has also composed music for and acted in several films. After moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Kay developed a method of creating alone in her home studio, a method that has bled over into her solo stage performances.

Kay’s newest single “Lone Wolf” is an anthemic piece, looking inwardly at feelings of loneliness and facing them acceptance, rather than hopelessness and fear. The song’s upbeat rhythm and major chord progression are a foil for deep thoughts on human existence, and a spacious outro expresses the beautiful ache of inner silence. Throughout the song, Kay wonders aloud why loneliness plagues her, posing hypothetical questions to friend or lover: “How can I let you in if I’m putting up a wall every time? / You gotta break it down if you wanna come cross that line / How can you breathe me in if you’re never gonna get no air?” Expressing an emotion that we have doubtless all faced, Kay poignantly describes the human need for connection before proclaiming in the chorus that she’ll always remain a “lone wolf.” And that’s ok.

Rachel is a freelance boom operator and full-time music lover. When she's not holding her arms above her head for hours, she’s digging around for new music and buying ALL the concert tickets.

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