Ashnikko’s ‘Blow’ of Confidence Previews Forthcoming EP, ‘Unlikeable’

London-based rapper Ashnikko directly exclaims confidence on her trap-pop track and video.

The sweet nectarine of trap-pop flows from London-based rapper Ashnikko on her latest single and video “Blow“, taken from her forthcoming EP, Unlikeable via Parlophone Records. The multi-layered lines of synths and hi-hats, produced by Culture x Tones, take an addictive control while Ashnikko’s direct lines steer towards a strong message of female empowerment.

“‘Blow” starts with ‘Take it off and show them how much you want it,’ which is poking fun at the culture of women being exploited in music. I’m tired of being brainwashed that my body is my biggest asset. And it’s me saying to myself that I will never exploit myself in a way that doesn’t empower me,” explains the artist. Further taking this concept into the visual form, Can Evgin focuses on Ashnikko’s intent of choice within herself through various costume changes and a dispensary of oddities, such as subtle nods to her own love for  fantasy and Sci-fi. Shot on 16mm film, the video’s natural grains pays homage to Ashnikko stirring in her own comfort.

The artist’s lyrical contents range into a world of self-assertion to the static noise of chatter — “Maybe I’m a threat“– that comes one way as they continue their craft. Playing with the word’s obvious nature, Ashnikko regains what it means to “blow” — if exploiting as an asset — and makes it her own, dishing a new meaning with her consent and her control.

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