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Night Owls ‘Better With Age’

Leeds grunge-pop trio take a gritty course to comment on social media obsession.

Leeds grunge-pop trio, Night Owls, respectfully take aim towards those who are obsessed with social media on their latest track “Better With Age.” Playfully jabbing lines through a mono-toned slur and sediments of a thicker, grittier course, the track’s commentary is matched by its experimental lead.


“‘Better With Age’ is a commentary on this generation’s obsession with social media and how people portray their lives through rose-tinted filters online. It’s written from the perspective of someone who’s become addicted to social media and how it’s become addictive,” the band states when discussing the track.

Leading with an industrial, synth rock platform, the coldness of the electronic bits add to the technological plot. Grunge-pop peaks out between guitar riffs and adds life to the fairly short, 2 minute track. Cleanly distributed though — despite its grungy appeal — “Better With Age” trademark their sound while preparing their EP release, Tragically Human.



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