É. Arenas’ Quebradita Celebrates and Educates with ‘Mar Iguana’

É. Arenas celebrates the official day for cannabis with the carefree quebradita "Mar Iguana."

É. Arenas returns, fittingly today, with a visual companion for his quebradita-merengue track “Mar Iguana.” Literally bringing the smoking iguana to life, partner in crime, Lorena Endara takes the playfulness and obscurity of the tale into a relaxed construction, filled with montages that hail to upbringings in Los Angeles.

“As I drenched my sneakers in salty water during my Quebradita-dance sequence on the beach, a lady walked by and said, ‘Oh.. that’s so LA.’ Maybe I’m the first Mar-Iguana she’s ever seen,” states Arenas on the filming of the video. As the transliteration of the song emerges on screen, Arenas — revamped as the Mar Iguana — dances on the golden lit waves of the beach and skids with delight. The constant release of energy that is fueled from the quebradita throws the directional aspect towards lightheartedness. Simple shots are placed with purposely, lo-fi edits that seems to warm a viewer towards the play-on words, puns, and absurdity that one can’t help but love.

Regardless of the playfulness that emerges from the Mexican-styled trance, “Mar Iguana” plays on valid political observations — ‘Ya que es legal porque sigue siendo criminal‘ (‘Now that it’s legal why is it still a crime?‘) — as he notices that his friends are locked up despite California’s recent changes for the recreational use of marijuana. This makes one slyly question, is it the act or the individual (in this case, lizard) that is illegal? Straying away from the weight of questions, Endara’s festive shots allow for pure enjoyment. Eventually the mar-iguana character meets his match with officials as the quirky ending and light, special effects allows us to take a break from the norm and celebrate in comfort.

Produced by Producciones Con Sal and taken from Arenas EP, Mar Iguana.


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