Deux Trois ‘Late Night Girls’

Kingston trio, Deux Trois, take "sad, late-night masturbation" to the realms of cold, industrial pop on their latest single and video.

Cyborg instrumentation echoing from the remains of an old industrial building seem to peak into the sound of Kingston trio, Deux Trois. The 80s inspired and analog synth heavy individuals come from a collection of previous projects to collaborate for a thicker, and colder sound of electro-pop that barely scratches the surface from the Kingstonians. Nadia Pacey (of Konig), Benjamin Nelson (of PS I Love You), and Ben Webb (of Carvings & We Are Adam West) debut “Late Night Girls” and showcase industrial progression, to visuals jabbing at gender roles.

“How many more party songs about getting blackout drunk by breakfast or patting ourselves on the back for being the best consumers we can be, do we really need?”, rhetorically asks the band as they lead into “Late Night Girls.” Upon first listen, the track subtly dances around a crisp night and an fluttering heart rate, mirrored by a heavy, percussion.

Visually pairing these motives, Director Nadia Pacey glances towards a gluttonous story line; placing all elements of pleasure within arm’s reach of temptation. The center male focus is that of an oddity — one who does not belong in the crowd — causally toying with something so natural, yet hidden through his own self-inflicted shame. Women throughout the video carry a different sense of confidence, reversing the communal gender shame of self-pleasure with women.

“If our culture is getting over gender and its construction, we should reclaim the acts, images, and ideas that constitute that culture’s shame. ‘Late Night Girls’ takes a wide range of sounds and influences from the 20th century – Deux Trois’ own version of musically jerking off, probably. The single is what happens when three self-aware malcontents sit on the rampant, internet-induced loneliness of our times, and manage to preserve their sound. We’re past pop culture’s endless attempts to assimilate sex and gender into the confines it created over the course of the 20th century,” explains the band.

“Late Night Girls” is the band’s debut single from their forthcoming EP, ‘Health.’

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