CHILDREN ‘True Believer’

Revolving around death and fear, CHILDREN showcase a glossy-eyed oddity, taken from their fresh new album 'It's Okay to Die.'

Fear of death is a typical notion for most in conversation. Fittingly titled and welcomed, CHILDREN continue their momentum from a rested slumber with “True Believer” taken from their sophomore full-length, It’s Okay to Die. The L.A.- based band — Gil Thomas, Jeff Steiskal, Graham Walker, Trevor Wallace, and Mark Yates — deliver with precision and a skewed vision, which took them away for several years.

Extracting the revolving element of death and fear “True Believer” focuses on these intangible creations. A glossy-eyed oddity is stirred before our eyes as Brandon Villalovos’ direction takes the track to a dimensional thread. Featuring Bre Maughan and Ronis Aba, the fragmented nature of the video picks apart the track’s hook that instantly becomes tucked away in one’s head. Flowing effortlessly in a bed of sparkling synths and scuzzled guitar plucks, there’s an obscure fascination that revolves around Maughan and Aba.

Frontman Gil Thomas acts as the gatekeeper into the other realm, putting all faith into the simplest of things, such as a pair of rusty,orange flowers that cycle their way from start to finish. The video’s attention to detail can be seen from these subtle elements, playfully adding more depth to the video. While the inversion of colors pick on the audio aesthetic of “True Believer”, the video seems to obsessively cultivate to the imaginary “what if’s.”

In the midst of Maughan and Aba’s fascination of life again, there is ultimately some sort of acceptance towards the end. Live shots tie in the band’s welcoming return, and at moments comically allow for the juxtaposition of life and death. Villalovos reaped the lighthearted nature of belief while simultaneously allowing CHILDREN’s newly developed theme echo for their upcoming release. Redefinition of sight and sound, “True Believer” becomes some of the best work to come from the band.

‘It’s Okay to Die’ set to be released April 13th 2018.


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