PLYA’s ‘Feast My Eye’ is a Story of Betrayal and Revenge

PLYA releases their third single "Feast My Eyes," an alluring song dealing with the pain of deception and all that comes along with it.

Taking their name from the Spanish word for “beach,” PLYA crafts their sleek electronic pop music from their home base of London. Having lived in Mallorca and Morocco before landing in the UK, lead singer Julia Sykes draws upon her past to create music with both the dark allure of a rainy city street and the glittering glam of an oceanfront club, adding a touch of exotic spice. 

PLYA’s third single “Feast My Eye” is a gritty song dealing with two things that go hand in hand: betrayal and revenge. Lyrics illustrate the sick pleasure of watching the one who’s wronged you break down: “I’m so excited, you’ve reached the bottom / Could I, should I feast my eye? / Don’t turn away from a hard pill to swallow.” With the pain of the deception fully entrenched, but waning, Sykes lets the misery of the deceiver fuel her apathy. The song’s deep beats underscore the passionate subject matter with a foundation of dark electronic music.

The video for the song provides a clear example for this revenge plot. Opening on a shot of Sykes riding in a car down a muddy country road, the video alternates between shots of her watching her lover cheat and the lover having a breakdown. Sykes looks on impassively as the man holds another woman and then watches with satisfaction as he goes through the motions of screaming, crying, pulling his hair out, and smashing furniture. Flashes of red, blue, and purple throughout the video create a glitchy playback that signifies something damaged, irrevocably. Certainly, the only hope is for both parties to move on, but not without a little retribution first.

Cover photo: Roberto Vivancos Studio


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