Jaunt Paints a Colorful Trip with ‘Faster Interactions’

Jaunt blurs the line of obscurity on their latest video "Faster Interactions."

Balancing what is, against what isn’t, becomes the perception blurred by Toronto-based band Jaunt on their latest single and video “Faster Interactions.” Naturally quirky in nature, Jaunt’s whimsical portrayal brings to surface a realistic problem through obscure scenes, notions, and a quaint, pop sound. Taken from their forthcoming EP CUE, set to be released April 13th, Jaunt successfully presents a peculiar yet lovable side to their discography.

“The video for “Faster Interactions” is a bit goofy. It’s a bit disturbing. The idea was born out of wanting to create something that complimented the unhinged nature of the song, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We had a lot of fun with the body-cam shots, explains the band. Directed by Max Par, the visual aspect to “Faster Interactions” is an oddity from the start. A sense of “lack of time” becomes evident, alongside a case of insomnia and the disconnect of humanity that can easily be thrown by our social media addiction.

“’Faster Interactions’ is probably our zaniest track to date! It was one of the first written for Cue, but also took the longest to complete. We quickly knew that it would be a single, and playing it repeatedly live has helped us finesse it’s nuances. Caitlin and Eliza really helped bring a new energy and dynamic, ultimately making the song more joyous. We’re also trying very hard to bring back the sound of cheap keyboard orchestra hits in pop music.”

Regardless of weighty topics up for interpretation, the video’s obscurity lightens up those moments.  Tied with an extremely addictive hook pulsated through cheerful keys and tight drumming, “Faster Interactions” is the grey matter of a colorful mind.

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