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Polish Club Makes Their US Debut With Soulful ‘Able’

Soulful Aussie rock duo Polish Club releases a double A side in front of their first ever US tour.

Australian duo Polish Club cultivates their creativity within the limitations of their two man setup. Made up of singer and guitarist David Novak and drummer John-Henry Pajak, the pair creates a full, expansive blues rock sound through talented songwriting and incredible onstage energy. After a lengthy legal battle with a record label on distribution restrictions, Polish Club has finally been cleared to release their music outside of Australia. With the release of their double A side “Able”/”Beeping“, they launched into their first ever United States tour this week, hitting New York and Las Vegas and landing in LA next week.

From their double A side, “Able” is a barefaced piece of rock music, underscored with punk rhythm and tinged with an undeniable shade of the blues. Novak’s voice is hearty and soulful as he wails, “What if I was able to be everything you see? / If I was able to be everything you need?” The song tells the time worn story of unmanaged expectations leading to romantic unhappiness, with lyrics wondering what could have been done differently – though the answer is often simply “nothing.”

The video for “Able” is a simple affair, consisting of performance shots in minimalistic black and white in front of a black background. During the verses, millisecond-long close ups of drum and guitar strokes are cloned and edited together rhythmically, giving the video the jerky impression of a skipping record. As the song reaches its climax, the video’s spasmodic editing becomes tighter and more random, flashing between the two performers at seizure-inducing speeds.

Polish Club’s debut full length album Alright, Already has already been released in Australia and New Zealand and awaits an upcoming US release. With word of Polish Club’s raw and sweaty live shows preceding them, we can’t wait to join them at our very own Harvard and Stone on April 10th.

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