CHILDREN Return with the Silk Cool-Toned Track, ‘Night Light’, Previewing New Album

CHILDREN return with a cooler tone tangled in the throes of funk on "Night Light."

Sensually opening onto a soundscape of discontinued thoughts and airy keys, CHILDREN make a welcoming return following-up their last single “You’re Wrong” with “Night Light” — delicate in nature offering moments of devilish behavior. Anticipating their sophomore full-length, It’s Okay to Die, set to be released April 13th, beard patrol — Gil Thomas, Jeff Steiskal, Trevor Wallace, and Mark Yates —  plus Graham Walker, pick up where we last left off from their Great River album, refining their earlier sound of pure “psychedelic” for a dispensary of well-crafted hooks and textures.

In the midst of the band’s pocketed time away, the collective continued down a dream-pop path with the 3-track compilation Give Me The Gun. Unlike prior releases, “Night Light” fills into a more complete sound, utilizing the mechanics of a vastly wider pallet that sets the tone for the band’s forthcoming revival. Absorbing the sensual qualities of nu-funk, holding tight to the melodic aurora, the track coolly becomes tangled in the throes of funk.

Scenic envisions of a star-studded night echo beneath a modest vocal approach, led by frontman Gil Thomas. Slyly, Thomas offers moments of temptation with his lush hault, “I am always undercover / I am always undercover.” Skewed guitar twangs nuzzle against a riveting bass, overall propelling an addictive hook. Accompanied by saxophonist Brian Perske, the brass addition graciously adds dimension, playing into the passion of jazz with lingering, wishful thoughts. Time away was not wasted as CHILDREN’s preview of what is to come is a testament to this concept and the band’s craft.

‘It’s Okay to Die’ out April 13th, 2018

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