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Jeremy Jones Takes the ‘Road’ Less Traveled

Los Angeles-based artist and producer, Jeremy Jones, returns with a smooth soundtrack for one's internal struggle of solitude.

Smooth blend of R&B, the right amount of soul, coated in a fresh production could only be sweetly delivered by the likes of Jeremy Jones. Los Angeles producer and singer/songwriter returns with his latest single “Road” and truthfully accepts his own path paved while on his journey. Admitting that this is a lonely road and there isn’t anyone for the artist, Jones’ delivery isn’t sour but almost thankful.

Since the first time we heard Jones’ (formerly J.W.J.) “Ways to Go” it not only levitated us on a musical level, but towards the many layers of Jones and the ideals he possesses. Carrying this same sentiment, “Road” glimmers with a hopeful understanding of the road less traveled, sewing in and out with his reason, backing as the soundtrack for his wanderings. Jones’ rich vocals smoke the track’s modern appeal with a relaxed, R&B vibe. Lyrics peel back an internal struggle and this forced line of solitude drawn by Jones, which is only later justified, “this is the part where I break your heart.”


Tailored breaks shyly let out a high falsetto and wrap up a clean styling for the weighty track. Jones continues to be active this year and ultimately more comfortable through his music, lyrically and production wise. Only a third within the year and Jones continues to make us appreciate his craft as we anxiously await the next single.


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