The Altons Captivate at the Resident

Heavy, soulful, yet crisp, The Altons continue to charm live.

“It feels so good to be home,” gushed Adriana Flores as she casually talked to the crowd in the midst of setting up. Having just returned from SXSW, East LA locals, The Altons glistened at The Resident, sporting homecoming smiles. Counter Culture stringed a packed line-up last Sunday night featuring Katzu Oso, who set the scene, and of course Quitapenas who delivered a rambunctious amount of culture and rhythm. While each act truly brought something special to the crisp evening, The Altons somehow left the sweetest taste from the start.

Not one member over shadowed the other as they fed off each other’s strengths and the crowds movements. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Bryan Ponce opened with an untouchable vocal performance that isn’t done justice on audio recordings. Soulful, yet heavy, Ponce’s delivery was rich as bassist, Gabriel Maldonado, added depth and the funkiest of riffs to the sensual groundings. This rhythm was equally matched by Carlos Canovas’ drumming that ended sharply.


An insane amount of control and emotive force melted between Flores and Ponce for the duration of their set. Towards the end, Flores propelled herself for all to see within the venue. Powered by winged eyeliner, lipstick, and bare feet, Flores’ stage presence leaves you hanging on every last word. Studio albums don’t truly capture the vitality or intoxication that the quartet emit and should be on everyone’s must watch list.


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