Phum Viphurit’s Spirited Heart Shines on ‘Lover Boy’

Bangkok-based artist, Phum Viphurit, continues his sweet songwriting with a funkier side on "Lover Boy."

Wrapped in the silky throes of new love and chemistry, Phum Viphurit seizes this moment and retraces coy innocence on the track “Lover Boy” via Rats Records. The Bangkok-based artist’s mellow approach and radiance creates an aurora of joyous bliss for the track’s visual counterpart it becomes hard not to smile. Beneath the gracious, funky bass lines, and carefree musical aesthetic, Viphurit’s spirited heart becomes the focal point.

Khamkwan Duangmanee’s direction is very simple and natural that takes Viphurit from his routine live shots on the beach, to a playful, persistent chase with Tawinan Kumdokrab. The chemistry between Viphurit never crosses any uncomfortable lines and swings around the lazy smiles of love. While the lyrics seem to hold Viphurit in the hesitant position (Darling, I got my trust issues / Warning, you stay away) video and melody prove to focus on the truer intent beneath the self-inflicted walls placed.

“Lover Boy” is the soundtrack for any individual when their heart explodes on arrival after a first glance. A brighter side for Viphurit’s discography that holds sentiments similar to “Run” and “Adore” with a funkier aspect in sound. Regardless of what platform Viphurit uses to display his heart, the 22 year-old’s versatility as a songwriter easily makes him an artist to fall in love with and continue to watch grow.

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