Black Light White Light Returns with Hazy Single ‘King Kong’

With the release of their third album 'Horizons' in late March, Black Light White Light has returned from their four year hiatus with a brand new lineup.

From the coastal city of Malmö, Sweden comes the Danish born and Swedish raised Martin Ejlertsen, who, after finding inspiration in American psych rock and English Shoegaze, formed Black Light White Light in 2009. Following the line of psychedelic rock that has been re-popularized in recent years by bands like Temples and Tame Impala, Ejlertsen creates richly textured pieces of music full of fuzzy melodies and vacant harmonies, tinged with the shadow of underlying darkness. After a four year hiatus from releasing new material, Ejlertsen released his third full length album Horizons late last month. Flanked by a brand new Danish-Swedish lineup, Ejlertsen is set to bring a whirlwind of psychedelic sound to the masses.

King Kong” leads the new album off with a technicolor soundscape of echoey synth and distorted vocals, marching along in the throes of enigmatic passion. Within the four and a half minute package is a universe of prismatic sound, undulating like palm fronds in the breeze. Distortion makes the lyrics largely indecipherable by the casual ear, and the vocals become an additional instrument, producing a hazy, wordless melody. The result is more of a mood than a verbal message, seeking transmission through diffuse brushstrokes of sound.

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