Tidal Babes ‘There’s No Nice Way To Say’

LA's surf-pop act, Tidal Babes, mesh carefree beach vibes with slyly humorous thoughts on their latest video "There's No Nice Way To Say."

Self-proclaimed dirty-beach pop act, Tidal Babes — Lyndsi Austin (vocals), Danny DeLeon (drums),  and Chris Qualls (guitar/bass/keys) — take their Golden Coast vibes and mesh it with blunt, honesty on their latest single “There’s No Nice Way To Say.” The melodic surf track meets synth-pop in a delightful manner that coasts along with the Almost Lawyers video. Paired with Myles Lumb direction, “There’s No Nice Way To Say” slyly humors thoughts we’ve all had at some point.

Featuring Samantha Sergeant and Luke King, the video’s split screen takes a viewer on two different routes of paths not yet crossed. The lighthearted yet cheeky appeal of the characters marries the laidback, melodic wave from which Tidal Babes oozes at the seams. Yet, the bright chimes carry a slight twist as the video carries the suppressed thoughts as Austin sweetly croons, “I fucking hate you / I hate you.” Safe to say the track and video offer comical moments rooted with simple feel good vibes, perfect for the warmer days ahead.

Be sure to catch the trio April 24th for free at Harvard & Stone.

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