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New Noise: Electronic Pop Refined

New music featuring electro-pop elements from the contemporary to the underground.

Electronic-pop will always be included to some extent in the music realm no matter how an artist blends. So far in 2018, honing in on production still reins supreme with artists stepping out of their comfort zone and dabbling into pure pop. While some may deliver vocals in the pop stream, most fuse it with electronic bits for a textured product. Here are some artists worth checking out that possess multi-layered, pop goodness.

Still Woozy “Lucy” Feat. ODIE

Electronic, ambient, and brushed with various elements, Oakland’s Still Woozy production pallet becomes irresistible on “Lucy.” Immediately engaging, the catchy nature of the track carries a certain modern freshness that has a lovable quirk in its delivery. ODIE’s lush and heavier set of vocals complete the lovesick appeal and adds minor funk. One of Still Woozy’s best tracks since “Goodie Bag”…which wasn’t that long ago.

Fabian Luttenberger “See U Care” Feat. Alma Elste

Austria born DJ and producer Fabian Luttenberger showcases a delicate composition of house on his latest single “See U Care.” The track features the warm tone of Alma Elste and exaggerated dips within the production. Regardless of its traits to the House musical scene, “See U Care” manages to provide a loving environment through the uptempo beats that carefully provide support for Elste’s vocals. As the artist stated on his SoundCloud, “‘See U Care’ is not ignorant to its effortless grace and beauty, inviting us to feel whatever it is we want to feel. Politely animalistic, one might say.”

Evelinn Trouble “Monstruous”

Berlin-based artist Eveliin Trouble dabbles into a slice of contemporary sounds on her latest single “Monstruous.” The artist states that two years ago when she wrote for a rap artist she was introduced to a new realm of chart songs that she normally wouldn’t have listened to or have on her radar. Fusing that influence with subtle, and slow unravels, trap elements are heard alongside a well polished, electro-pop style. “‘Monstruous’ is my attempt at writing a romantic pop anthem. I must have changed the song at least a 100 times before I was happy, this kind of writing doesn’t come easy to me. Now I love it for what it is; a song about the impossibility of love, made of scraps, wrapped shiny in plastic.”

Marshall Cecil “Beautiful World”

Danish-trio, Marshall Cecil, create something truly fascinating on their single “Beautiful World.” A haunting opening echos ominous territory as rap bits sly into the persistent, and growing beat. Muffled vocals weave in and out as the track goes through many tempo changes, each being connected through a flare of drum beats. The eclectic wave of soundscapes that wash a listener within the 4 minutes are truly fresh and leaves a weightless feeling after each listen.

LOUUD “Out of Love”

Swedish born, London-based artist, LOUUD (Louise Udin) unveils a bright, welcoming of self-love ironically from track “Out of Love.” Opening with a grand entrance of 80s synth and a pastel colored production, Udin’s sweet vocals wrap the electronic production cleanly. Depicting moving on with a slight bittersweet honest attitude, “Out of Love” swims closely to the mainstream in the best way.

Cover photo: LOUUD courtesy of the artist

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