New Noise: Dreamy Indie

Dreamy, weightless, and expansive. New music from artists who leave more than music in your ears.

bdrmm “kare”


Hull 5-piece, bdrmm, extract the best elements of dream-pop and shoegazing on their debut single “kare.” The 4-minute track makes an alternative-rock ballad entrance with lingering questions, “If I stay would you even care? / If I leave would you even care?” Exaggerated and dreamy plucks of chords ultimately surrounds frontman Ryan Smith’s tender vocals for the ultimate heartache. Smith explains, “‘kare’ was written inevitably after a night out. I had gotten the wrong impression from somebody and it turned out my feelings were being taken advantage of just so they didn’t have to stay in on a Saturday night.” With moments of false endings, the track’s slither in and out a dreamy production towards a heavier feel keeps the momentum fresh.

Exitmusic “Iowa”


Reluctantly honest,  NY’s Exitmusic documents the rise and fall of the duo’s relationship on their upcoming album, The Recognitions, out April 20th. Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church showcase one of the many emotions during their divorce with the bittersweet and ethereal track “Iowa.” “I wish I was there / and not on the edge of thinking” haunts Palladino as she returns to a brighter state of mind. The indietronic track shines with classical instrumentation and a deeper shade of blue that bleeds onto their “death”, ironically on the livelier parts of the track.

Hanging Valleys “Arion”


London-based duo, Thom Byles and Michael Phillips, create a weightless soundscape on their recent single “Arion.” Falsetto vocals backed by breathless echos are whispered on “Arion” and truly place a listener in a relaxed state of mind. Yet, the beauty of the track is in its ultimate growth towards the end, where sounds expand against a rattled beat and becomes louder than its original delicate nature. A little over 5 minutes, Hanging Valleys manage to warm the coldness of the track with pristine grace.

New Feelings “Real Love”


Stockholm pop/rock artist New Feelings captivates instantly with his single “Real Love.” Glistening with shimmering synths and golden guitar plucks “Real Love” revisits brighter days through pop-nostalgia. New Feelings’ low, and darkerwave vocals pair deliciously with the upbeat demeanor of synth-pop. The true magic of this whole track are the longing and throttled vocals that somehow offer a sense of relief of wanting real love. New Feelings debut EP Introducing is out April 13th. Pre-order limited white vinyl here.

Zak Fleisher “Glu”


Building upon a more folk and alternative-rock structure, Zak Fleisher’s recent single “Glu” is softened with a dreamier-pop exterior. Acoustic strums add a warmer tone to the detached track while grounding the feel with a sense of communion. Multi-layered guitars bring out the quirky nature of Fleisher’s mind and it’s skidding blend of genres.  Innocently wrapped in a colorful experimental palate, Flesiher’s words resonate in a charming fashion: “Vicious boy, not to destroy your happiness.

Cover photo: Exitmusic courtesy of the artist

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