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Antix ‘Shook’ Ft. Sleep

Antix returns as "the splitter of tectonics" with the Bobby Rich produced track, "Shook."

London fueled, LA-based artist Antix, returns with a fresh dosage of concentrated hip-hop. Since we last caught up with the rapper three years ago, there was no question about the emotive lyrical content that seeped through each track. As Antix found and perfected his own voice throughout the years — guaranteeing what he is making is a “representation” of who he is — there was never a rush for the artist to carefully curate this voice, now suppressing any talk with the reflective single “Shook.”

The Bobby Rich production eases Antix’s hard-hitting flow into a textured experience of time, ambition, and identity. A relentless “rebuttal” seems to emerge from Antix’s wordplay and focuses on the rap game as a whole, “I don’t need to be famous to have respect for myself”, assuring he isn’t measuring his success the same way as others. Confidence drips almost as heavy as the blood Antix aims to collect and circles back with the rapper’s need of more, filling in the silenced gaps: “Or maybe I’m still in the kitchen, cooking and building my convictions, so I can feed the planet of food for soul that I think’s been missing.”


The track features Sleep assisting in background vocals, balancing the nature of Antix’s swift bars. The dynamic of vocal tones adds a fuller sound to “Shook”, easily contrasting in beautiful harmony to the driven horns that mimic Antix’s state of mind. As the brass grows and growls, Antix meets with a perfected, sharp cut in the last verse.

Despite the roughness that Antix flawlessly delivers this isn’t to be confused for a rant of anger or misconceived emotions. “Shook” is a multi-dimensional reality of the rapper’s consciousness and ambition while possessing the smallest of detail in terms of production, arrangements, and delivery — featuring lively scribbling from Jake Case. The artist’s time away was missed, yet if this is a taste of what is to come, time clearly doesn’t exist.


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